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November 19 & 20 in Philly See the schedule!

SRCCON:LEAD Attendees, welcome to Philly!

We are so glad to have you here with us. If you need logistics info, we have you covered, and of course the handy, mobile-friendly schedule app is available for all your session-planning needs. The registration desk in the lobby will be staffed throughout the event, and our safety and support helpline is (612) 584-1131.

If you’re not here with us in Philly, we invite you to check out our remote-participation options.

SRCCON:LEAD will reimagine how leadership works in journalism. Through talks, hands-on sessions, and emergent conversations, 125 participants will spend two days developing the skills to build more representative news organizations—from within or from the ground up.

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When & where

November 19 & 20 in Philadelphia, at the Fleisher Art Memorial at 719 Catharine Street.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

Wednesday, Nov. 20

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SRCCON:LEAD is the third in a series of smaller, thematic events built around the hands-on problem-solving that the news-nerd community brings into SRCCON events. SRCCON:WORK explored how we support each other and collaborate. SRCCON:POWER dug into the power dynamics of newsroom relationships and decisionmaking.

Those themes carry us into SRCCON:LEAD, where we’ll:

This is a conference for people with leadership experience, people who aren’t in leadership but want to be, and for people who don’t want to be but know journalism leadership needs to be better. We believe we learn best when we learn from each other, and coming together for hard conversations can strengthen our community.

Our program has collaboration at its heart, with sessions proposed and led by community members, and a schedule built to support them. We also believe that people who work in journalism-tech are uniquely positioned to lead, because they already work across teams, disciplines, and organizations.

What’s next?

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