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SRCCON:LEAD 2019 Documentation

It’s important to us to keep SRCCON events small enough to feel friendly and conversational, but we also care about getting the ideas people discuss into the wider world. The most important way this happens is when attendees return to their newsrooms and put new skills and approaches to work, but we also document as extensively as possible. This page collects resources you can refer back to:

Session Transcripts

Our live-captioner transcribed each talk and 8 sessions at SRCCON:LEAD. Sessions with transcripts are marked on our full schedule, or you can use the lists below. If you were in a session and you notice something that needs to be fixed, we’d love to hear about it.


9amWelcome to SRCCON:LEAD
9:30amSRCCON:LEAD Talks: Stacy-Marie Ishmael
10:15-11:30amThe State of Newsroom Diversity Reports
12-1:15pmHow to succeed and thrive in places that weren’t designed for you
2:15-3:30pmUse that spreadsheet! Why leaders need to manage money
4-5:15pmHow to create leaders for tomorrow's newsrooms
5:30pmSRCCON:LEAD Talks: André Natta


9amSRCCON:LEAD Talks: Bryan Mercer
9:45-11amEvaluation Systems That Grow Journalists (Not Just Their Pageviews)
11:30am-12:45pmHow do we design for equity?
2-3:15pmMeeting management challenges in local newsrooms
3:45-5pmHow journalists can build better support networks

Session Notes & Resources

All sessions at SRCCON events have a collaborative etherpad that facilitators and attendees can use to share links and capture notes. Each entry on our schedule has a link to that session’s etherpad. We also collect slide decks, worksheets, and other documentation right here—if you’re a facilitator and you have session resources to share, let us know!