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November 19 & 20 in Philly Support OpenNews!

Care & support at SRCCON events

SRCCON SAFETY HELPLINE: Members of the conference team will be available via voice or text at (612) 584-1131, or by email at

The spirit of generosity that animates this community is a big part of what led to SRCCON and the smaller, thematic versions of SRCCON, too. We heard again and again that folks wanted to have space to share with and support one another. We expect some thought provoking talks and intriguing sessions during our two days together, so we wanted to share some thoughts about how we’re creating the space for those conversations and the support we can offer to one another.

Inviting others into your conversation

When telling us why you wanted to come to this event, many of you told us you wanted to meet others who were also working on making change in your newsrooms and teams.

Taking care of yourself

Taking care of each other

We hope you’re feeling an openness to taking care of your own needs as the priority here. We hope with your own feeling of care and nourishment, that will also open up space for us to take care of each other as well.